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Get a hold of us! We have so many ways!

We are available to work on projects of all sizes and scopes.
Please feel free to contact us with questions or ideas or comments or proposals of any sort: info (at)

Need to ask us or tell us something about something you ordered from us?
For questions about mailorder things or wholesale information, email this: orders (at)

OR! If you're feeling brave and would like to broadcast your question/answer, head over to our Tumblr thing.

Want to send us mail?
We love mail! We have a special address just for that! Send things to us at:

PO Box 577854
Chicago, IL 60657

Want to visit our weird studio?
We are located at:

(This is NOT for mailing things to us. Ever.)
1735 N. Ashland Ave.
Fourth Floor
Chicago, IL 60622

(Important Note: Seriously. Do NOT send mail to the studio address, as we'll likely not receive it. ONLY send things to the PO Box above.)

Our studio isn't really a retail space by any means, so please give us a heads-up before dropping by. We keep very weird hours and at any given moment could either be A) ridiculously immersed in a project to the point where we can't really put things on pause to hang out for a minute, or B) not there at all. But aside from those two situations, we love company, so get in touch!

We also have a mailing list. Fill out the thing below to join it. We'll send you an email whenever we have anything important to tell work, stuff for sale, art shows and things like that. We won't give your email address out to anyone or abuse your trust. Promise.